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When You Join Us for $ 150, 
You Will be Part of a Profession that Has Proven Itself for 92 years,
that created the Million Dollar Round Table in 1927, becoming a legendary organization. 
(How many careers can you think of that have a Million Dollar Income Earner organizations?)
In Addition, Those Who Join Bill's Team at HGI for $ 150, will have access to:
College Planning
Catastrophic Planning
Creating Robotic Income
Crush Your Debt Planning
Estate and Legacy Planning
Income Tax Free Retirement Planning
LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing Strategies
How to Start and Run a Profitable Small Business
and, Much, Much, More
By Using the Master/Apprenticeship Learning Model, 
We Eliminate the Cost Coaches and Educators
Once Again, So, What's the Catch?
Perhaps a Failure to Act and Continue To Think About It.
William (Bill) Lee Sefton is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 50+ years of experience in individual income tax matters and estate planning (Living Trusts, et.al.) and trust administration, helping trustees and executors administer their trust and/or estate. Because both his father and stepfather were well known attorneys, Bill is not an attorney and renders no legal advice nor is he an investment adviser. Why? He doesn't want to be glued to the stock market like an investment adviser should be. In addition to being a CPA, with both public and private accounting experience spanning over half a century, Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Willamette University) and a Masters in Accounting Degree (University of Southern California). Information contained on this and related websites and other media is written for a general audience and should not be used to do anything without the consultation with an educated, licensed, and experienced professional who can customize the information to your personal situation. We believe in well informed clients; and we reserve the right to disengage and refuse further access or service to anyone, like perhaps someone who seems to want to stretch the rules. We choose to drive down the ‘middle of the road’ and ‘not cross the line.’
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