Now, if you are looking for your 'No,' 
save yourself time and energy and stop right here.  
This is not for you.
Why Should I Listen to Bill Sefton?
An Economist (Bachelor of Arts Degree Majoring in Economics)
Masters in Accounting, University of Southern California
Certified Public Accountant
Proven IRS Audit Defense for 30+ years
Promoter and Defender of Lifestyle Solo Entrepreneurs for 35+ years
 You define what 'Fun' is to you.
Preferably an activity that gets you with a lot of happy, cheerful, fun-loving people that encourage and energize everyone around them. Like encouraging my asthmatic daughter to climb
 to the top of Half Dome, Yosemite!
All We Do Is Offer 
One More Option 
for Their Life.
What option? 
 We find out by listening and observing them. 
 We discover what pains them: 
 Perhaps they feel entrapped by those Easy Monthly Payments; or, 
The Lack of Time to Enjoy their Family; or,
The Cost of the Upcoming Braces their Child Will Need; or, 
College Expenses. 
We listen and encourage the conversation.
Our Crusade:  To eliminate personal financial illiteracy
using an income tax advantaged business model
leading to personal financial self-reliance and independence... 
The 'Keystone' is the Stone that Holds Everything Up
Our Core Business Activity, Indeed Our Keystone, that holds everything else together, is our 19 second business conversation opener to determine if there is an interest. 
If no interest, we change the subject, and move on with our previous conversation or activity.
If there is a curious interest, 
like a 'tell me more' response, 
 then we carefully tell them more; however, 
never turn on the firehose when someone just wants to take a sip of water.  
And Never be Salesy and act like a salesman!
First Find Out Out What They Want.
Water maybe; but, never, force a Coke on a Pepsi Drinker; and, vice versa!
It Can Be Offensive; Because it Shows that You Don't Care What They Prefer.
Whenever I Host a Public Presentation, I always have an assortment,
including Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and, much, much more. 
And if, in our conversation, we don't have what they want, or need, 
we don't talk about what our business. 
We are all about being friendly, neighborly. and nurturing relationships.
As the conversation ends; and,
It is comfortable and natural, 
Bill offers his, cartoon side up, collectible business card, 
in case THEY want to reach back to Bill at a later time.
On the other side of the card: 
 Cheerfully Spreading Enthusiasm for Life, One Person at a Time
 and Bill's contact data.
Now it is up to the them to filter themself in, or out, 
of any further business conversation with us.
 Because we want to spend our energy helping those who want our help;
not waste our energy on those who need to be 
convinced, reminded, and forever re-convinced. 
Who is Bill Sefton?
An Economist (Bachelor of Arts Degree Majoring in Economics)
Masters in Accounting, University of Southern California
Certified Public Accountant
Proven IRS Audit Defender
Encourager of the Lifestyle Solo Entrepreneur for 45+ years
Most people want their money to work harder:  Most people want to get off the 'easy monthly payment' treadmill; Most people want to be prepared for the financial catastrophes that hit others (Floods, Firestorms, Devastating Illnesses like Cancer);  Most People Would like to Create a College Fund for their children; Income Tax Free Retirement Income.  We have Safe Stratigies...
Now, if you are still looking for your 'No,' save yourself time and energy and stop right here.  This is not for you.
Solo Entrepreneurs are Self-Employed Business Owners Who Have NO Employees.  They Often Have This Approach In Common:  They Start As Soon As They Have a Business Idea (with immediate Income Tax Benefits); and, When They Are 80% Done,  They Launch Their Business.  Now They Work On The Remaining 20%.  

Entrepreneurs are 96% Complete while the Thinker is Still THINKING ABOUT IT!
So, What's the Catch?
Perhaps a Failure to Take Action and
Continue To Think About It.

Here are Just  A Few Things  That Can Become Business Tools...
William (Bill) Lee Sefton is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 50+ years of experience in individual income tax matters and estate planning (Living Trusts, and trust administration, helping trustees and executors administer their trust and/or estate. Because both his father and stepfather were well known attorneys, Bill is not an attorney and renders no legal advice nor is he an investment adviser. Why? He doesn't want to be glued to the stock market like an investment adviser should be. In addition to being a CPA, with both public and private accounting experience spanning over half a century, Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Willamette University) and a Masters in Accounting Degree (University of Southern California). Information contained on this and related websites and other media is written for a general audience and should not be used to do anything without the consultation with an educated, licensed, and experienced professional who can customize the information to your personal situation. We believe in well informed clients; and we reserve the right to disengage and refuse further access or service to anyone, like perhaps someone who seems to want to stretch the rules. We choose to drive down the ‘middle of the road’ and ‘not cross the line.’
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