Self-Built by Bill Sefton
If You Think You Call
Build This Better; Then,
Just Call Bill.


Having Fun Puts the Energy Into Our Business
Then We Never Tire Of What We Are Doing.
So, What Do You Enjoy Doing Most?
Then Wrap a Profitable Smart Phone Business

Around What You Already Enjoy Doing!

But First, Let Me Introduce Myself...

My Name is Bill Sefton and I Earned My...

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Majoring in Economics,
at Willamette University

Masters of Accounting Degree, at the
University of Southern California and

Became a Certified 
Public Accountant
in 1967

With Over 
Half A Century of 
Street-Smart Experience,
56% of Bill's Tax Clients 
Have Been With Him 
For Over 30 Years!

Bill's Favorite Strategy: 
To Monetize Unprofitable 
Daily Activities
Into A Profitable 
Smart Phone 
Based Business.

That Said, Let's Proceed...

Our Business Model 
Matured In The 1970s

When Our Economy 
Was As Bad,

If Not Worse,

Than It Is Now.

With 50 Years of Fine Tuning.

Our Primary Activity 
Is Being a Conversationalist 
By Engaging People
In Conversation
About What They 
Want To Talk About.

If The Opportunity
 Presents Itself,

We Simply Share,

One Person At A Time, 

A Business 
Conversation Opener

If There Is No Interest, 
We Change The Subject.

Too Many People 
Talk Too Much
About What They
Want To Talk About.

Personally, Bill
Finds That Very Boring.

Bill Learns More, And
Is Stimulated,
Conversing About What 
Others Want to Talk About.

So We Carefully Listen; 
and, Ask Questions
 For Understanding.

We NEVER Want 
To Be Placed Into 
the NFL Club.
('No Friends Left' Club)

One Of My Favorite
 Conversation Openers:

Have You Heard Of 
Income Diversification?

Converting Unprofitable
Commute Time and Expense
Into a Productive & Profitable 
Additional Income Stream?

True Story:  
1981, Bill First 
Prepared The 
Income Tax Return
For a School Teacher 
Who Was Using This 
Business Model.
42 Years Later, In 2023, She - 
Having Not Done 
Any New Business
In Many Decades - 
Received a 
Form - 1099 NEC 
For Income 
Earned in 2022 For 
What She Had Started
 42+ Years Earlier!
By Simply Asking 
Someone A Question...

This Is Called 
Income Diversifcation

The Critical Reminders:
1) No Selling.
2) Limit Start-Up 
to $ 350 or less.
3) The LESS We Talk, The Better
4) Creating Productive Habits
5) Keeping It Fun; and,
 6) Energizing.

Want To Ask 
Bill A Question?


If There Is No Interest,
We Change The Subject 
and 'Move On'

And Enjoy 
Whatever We Were
 Doing, Like...

Bill's Favorite Location:  Waiting for the Guides To Launch Our Rafts.

Waiting For Our 
Children's Team's 
Turn To Play.

Waiting For Our Foursome's Turn
To Tee Off and Play It Forward.

For General Educational Purposes Only 
 Always Consult a Government Licensed 
Professional Who Knows Your Situation
 BEFORE Taking Action.
© Copyright 2023 
 William Lee Sefton, CPA
 (925) 735-6529 PTZ
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