Feel Like You Have Run Out Of Track?
Feel Like You Are All Alone, 
Surrounded By Financial Responsibilities,
With Confusing Information About The Future; Like Income Taxes, and Other Critical Concerns? 
Bill Sefton, CPA Comes To Your Rescue


By Teaching You How to Have a Profitable Side Business

Creating More Income With a Laptop Based Business

By Leveraging Our Existing Resources, For Example:

Smart Phone
Unproductive Time
Our Car

And Leveraging Our Existing Activities

Outdoor Activities in
Strategic Locations

Children's Actvities
Crushing Grapes With Friends
Building Relationships
on the Internet
Into A Business That Energizes Us 
Like the Energizer Bunny...
What is The Business?
Like the Fly Fisherman,
We Enjoy The Process Even Though
We May Have to Catch and Release!
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